Therapeutic massage

Are you looking for massagetherapy? Preferably performered by a qualified, licensed therapist?

You came to the right place.

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You can make an appointment for massage therapy treatments, aimed at relieving pain and discomfort, or if your muscles are too tense. A massage improves blood flow, makes the tissues supple again and calms the nervous system. It is therefore super effective if you suffer from stress or have difficulty relaxing.

My clients come to me for an effective approach to physical and/or psychological tension or pain. Most people turn to me if they have tried many other therapies without satisfactory results. Often they are reffered by family or friends because I can often achieve results that they have not yet achieved.

As you can see I have a lot of positive, wonderful comments from my clients. I have translated a few for you:

Nathalie: “I have been coming to Sigrid for years. Sigrid is very professional and has extensive knowledge and experience of various massage types and techniques. Appropriate treatment is possible for every complaint. Sigrid pays a lot of attention to your complaints and wishes and discusses a plan of action with you. For me with a sendentary profession and sometimes very busy in my head, a treatment by Sigrid is wonderful for the body and mind. She also helped me in the beginning to be able to move well again without pain. Wy not maintain your body and mind this way like you do with healthy food and enough exercise?”

Coby: “Chronic pain and fatigue my whole life, I’m 71 years old. But thanks to the treatments and conversations a liveable life again.”

Jacqueline:” A very different view of chronic pain, that really appeals to me.”

Piet: “Perfect, as always.”

Lisette: “Had a wonderful massage. I always come away from you relaxed. And now that I come every month, I notice that I have fewer aches in my neck and shoulders.”

Ramona: “Listens well to what I tell her about my aches and pains. Laid back and relaxed atmosphere.”

Tom: “Really recommended for a nice massage. But you can also go here for chronic pain to see what the cause of your pain is, where the blockages are.”

Jenny:”Always very positive about Sigrid’s knowledge and skills. Fine masseuse who knows what she’s doing.”

Marcia: ” Recommended for back pain!”

Divera: “Again had a nice treatment with a huge result…relaxed! Thank you Sigrid, you have magic hands!”

Meggie: “Sigrid, I really appreciate the fact that you can listen so well and you immediately turn words into actions and treat the right places. And finally give a nice back massage. Thank you!”


Most pains can be resolved fairly quickly, so don’t go on with them for too long. The sooner you have it treated, the faster it can often be resolved. With me you will not find a long list of massages you can book. The techniques I learned are very diverse: connective tissue (fascia) massage, foot reflex, acupressure, lymph drainage, haptonomic massage, lomi lomi, relaxation massage, baby massage, triggerpoint therapy, triggerpoint reset techniques, etc.

I apply a relaxing massage if you experience a lot of stress, sleep poorly, have little energy or have overburdened yourself. To prevent or reduce stress-related complaints, it’s necessary to calm the nervous system. A relaxing massage can put you in a state equal to meditation. Sometimes I also use a singing bowl to calm the body even more.

If you’re not a therapist yourself, you are unlikely to know which treatment is most effective for the purpose you would like to achieve with the treatment. I ask you to be confident that I can determine which treatment will be most appropriate for you at that time. For example, I often use a combination of connective tissue massage, a deeper massage on the muscles and triggerpoint reset techniques. I achieve very good results with this, often complaints have improved considerably after the first time. Another technique that I regularly use is manual lymph drainage on the legs. This special massage technique is very gentle and stimulates the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid. You can apply lymphatic drainage to the entire body, but I mainly treat people who have swollen legs due to fluid accumulation or people with restless legs.

Chronic pain?

I would like to help you deal with your pain effectively, so that you can enjoy all the things that people without pain find so common. If a complaint is present for longer than 3 months, we speak of a chronic pain or illness. That requires an approach in which you have to look more broadly, where does the pain or illness really come from?

Do not be discouraged by the diagnosis that has been made. You will be surprised to learn that most chronic illness can be resolved without medication or surgery. Do not make assumptions that you’re a ‘difficult case’.

Yes, I have chronic pain