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-Massagetherapie = Massagetherapy, for treating pains or relaxing the muscles.

-Lymfedrainage= Lymphatic drainage, to treat accumulation of excess fluid, like swollen legs, for example.

-Gratis adviesgesprek= Free ‘get acquainted’ call or appointment if you want me to help you eliminate your chronic physical/emotional pain.

-Chronische klachten consult= Treatment/coaching for chronic pains or emotional balance.

Please note: You should receive a conformation of the appointment in your email, only then the appointment has been properly scheduled. If you are coming to my practice for the first time, you are requested to pay in advance. Appointments can be moved free of charge 24 hours in advance, after that the reserved time wil be charged.

Sigrid Sneijders

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Leeghwater 88 (wijk Vossepolder)
2181 WB Hillegom